product review: kiss me organics matcha green tea powder


At the beginning of the summer, I was contacted by Kiss Me Organics to try out and write a review about their organic matcha green tea powder, available exclusively through Amazon.  First of all, I can’t believe September is already halfway over and we already had snow (yes, that’s right, SNOW).  Second, I had a lovely break to refresh and refocus, and I’ll be coming back with some news about where this blog will be headed this fall.  But before that, let’s get down to the business of matcha green tea.

Let me put it out there that I’m no matcha or green tea expert.  I just happen to love green tea with its earthy, slightly bitter taste.  In fact, I like to take my tea straight – no sweetener or milk (which is almost blasphemous when we’re talking green tea).  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a green tea latte once in a blue moon, but the majority of the time, I like it plain. Now, you see that I’m referring to matcha as if its interchangeable with “green tea”.  It’s sort of true.  Matcha powder is essentially finely milled or finely ground green tea.  It’s traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies; the type they use is of a drinking grade.  Kiss Me Organic’s matcha powder is culinary (or food) grade, which means it’s perfect for use in lattes, shakes, ice cream, baked goods, and a variety of savoury dishes as well.

When it first arrived, I was surprised at how small the bag of powder actually is, but I quickly learned why – the recommended daily dosage is only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon.  It would take quite a while to get through the bag if you’re limited just to the daily dose and you’re not using the powder for cooking or baking.  The aroma is a bit grassy and pungent, and the powder itself is a lovely green.

I can’t do without my espresso in the mornings, so I ended up having cold matcha drinks after lunch for an afternoon pick-me-up once in a while at work.  All I did was mix up a 1/2 teaspoon of powder in ice cold water, shake it up, and enjoyed.  I personally love the taste of this matcha powder.  It’s a strong green tea flavour, but not overpowering or bitter; although it’s culinary grade, it works well for me as a drinking tea.  It also helped to break up the monotony of water.  I drink a ton of water during the day, so it was nice to have a green tea break in between to liven up my taste buds and give me a little boost of energy.  Now that it’s getting a bit cooler outside, I mix up the powder in hot water for instant green tea.

At the same time I was trying the matcha powder, I made a number of lifestyle/health changes, so I can’t comment on the claims regarding increased focus or improvements in skin health (correlation =/= causation), but in general, green tea is regarded as a  “health food” for its anti-oxidants and minerals.

If you’re a fan of green tea, give this matcha powder a try.  Kiss Me Organics will even send you a free recipe booklet full of delicious things to make with the powder.  I personally have not tried any of their recipes – remember I said I like my tea plain – but for the adventurous types out there, the booklet contains some fun options.

*Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

summer break

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say that I’m taking a short hiatus for the month of August to focus on some new things happening in my life.  I think it’s a good time to take a pause on this blog; I’m hoping the time away will allow me to get refreshed and give me some time to think of new things to do here.

A big thanks to my regular readers and lurkers alike for your support and for continuing to stop by my humble little blog.

Enjoy the rest of your summers and I’ll see you back in September!

xoxo Cindy

grumans catering and delicatessen


Earlier this month we headed over to Grumans Catering and Delicatessen for a lovely Saturday brunch.  We had our day pretty much mapped out to a T: early morning workout (a very pathetic attempt at a 5k run by me while Mark had no issues), brunch, then watch the Argentina vs. Belgium game.  It was the first weekend of Stampede, but since we’re not huge fans of it (I only go once a year with my Stampede buddy to indulge in corn dogs and doughnuts), we bypassed all that craziness.

I know Grumans from my early career days through their catering.  Many meetings and team gatherings were catered by Grumans and I always enjoyed their food, so I’d been wanting to have a meal at their new location for quite a while.  They specialize in classic Jewish deli items, of which I’m not very familiar with, but trying new things is always a new and welcome adventure.  Besides their catering and dining facilities, they also offer their items for take-home so you can have a meal and take some goodies if you feel so inclined.


Whether it was because of Stampede or perhaps we had hit that sweet quiet zone, only a couple of tables were occupied when we got there.  The space is bright from the large windows letting in plenty of natural light, and it’s clean and modern with ample booth and table seating.  We snagged a booth seat and settled in with the menu and a couple of mugs of fresh hot coffee.



Mark chose the Grumans Reuben (smoked meat, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, russian dressing, grilled rye bread) with potato salad and coleslaw.  It came with a side plate of pickles and hot mustard.  Mark is a huge fan of smoked meat, having enjoyed it during his youth living in Eastern Canada.  When I asked how it compared to what he’s had, he said he was pleasantly surprised.  I tried a bit of the meat and it was moist, juicy, and flavourful.  I might have mentioned this before, but when Mark eats, he gets what I call “happy mouth”, which means he makes whatever he’s eating look delicious and incredibly enjoyable, like it’s the best thing he’s ever eaten (which is why I think restaurants should hire him to be in their commercials if they want to market their food).  When our server came by to see how we were doing, Mark was in the middle of a huge bite and even she remarked, “he looks so happy!”  See?  That’s his happy mouth, and he was happy eating that delicious sandwich.

grumans5I opted for a more traditional brunch dish and got the Eggs Benedict (pancetta, lemon hollandaise, confit home-style hashbrowns, fruit salad).  Strange thing is, I used to dislike eggs benedict because of the hollandaise sauce, because I’m a weirdo and have a strong aversion to most sauces.  It’s only recently that I’ve started to enjoy eggs benedict, so I think that’s a sign that my palate is maturing as I get older.  Does that mean I’ll be munching on blue cheese any time soon?  Uh, heck no… baby steps first.  So back to this lovely eggs benedict.  I was mostly intrigued by Grumans version as they use potato latkes in place of English muffins.  Crispy shredded potatoes are always a good thing in my book and they worked really well overall in this dish.  They were crispy and well-seasoned, holding up to the rest of the ingredients and providing the perfect vehicle for the eggs and sauce.  My eggs were perfectly poached – medium with some runny yolk, just the way I like my eggs.  The lemony hollandaise sauce was creamy and bright, while the pancetta brought a welcome saltiness to round out all the flavours.  After the richness of the eggs benny, I welcomed the cup of fresh fruit that came on the side.  I think anything else would’ve been too heavy, so the fruit is a good choice.


Of course, no meal out would be complete without some dessert.  I chose the Cheesecake Square, which happened to be an apple caramel flavour (I think).  The server was nice enough to get us two squares for sharing, woohoo!  Mark said it was a little too sweet for his taste (since he’s mostly a savoury-food eater), but it was the right amount for me.  The creaminess of the cake combined with the caramel and the crust and a dollop of whipped cream was the perfect bite, and the perfect way to end our brunch.

I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to eat at Grumans because if the meal we had is any indication, we should be going there more often.  I wish I had gotten the name of our server because she was so lovely and friendly with a great sense of humour, and at the end of our meal she said that we were some of the nicest people that she’s served, which was a really awesome compliment seeing as we’re very conscientious of being polite and courteous diners wherever we go to eat.  Overall, a wonderful first experience dining at Grumans, and we hope to return there again very soon.

Grumans Catering and Delicatessen
230 – 11 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G0X8
Phone: (403) 261-9003

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yummie nation

Screenshot of the Yummie Nation Home Page

Screenshot of the Yummie Nation Home Page

About a month ago, a curious email landed in my inbox.  While I normally ignore most of these emails (as they’re generally of the bad grammar and obvious super scam variety), this one in particular intrigued me.  The email made a claim that “life is about to get yummier for you.”  Oh, you are sending me a lifetime supply of pork belly?  No?  Ok, so my dreams are a bit lofty.

For some reason, I had been targeted to join a new community of entertaining experts, food writers, competitors, and home cooking pros. I was especially intrigued by this part:

YN Contributors are hand-picked for their distinctive voice and engagement with the home entertainer. There is no cost to serve as a YN Contributor. We simply seek one blog submission per month that will be featured on your YN blog page.

I don’t get hand-picked very often.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time I was hand-picked for anything positive.  I’ve always regarded this blog as just some tiny speck amongst a sea of bigger, better, and bolder food blogs, a place where I come to share things that I ate and made only because it brings me tons of happiness vibes.  I don’t pretend to be something I’m not; I really am a picky eater foodie wannabe, I still suck at photography, I’m a hopelessly awkward introvert who becomes paralyzed at the mere hint of the word “networking”, and I really, truly only do this because it’s an immense pleasure in my life.  The fact that others have noticed this corner of my world really does make me feel wonderful.

So yes, I absolutely signed up to be part of the Yummie Nation family.

What exactly is Yummie Nation?  They say it better than I could articulate:

A dynamic online gathering of the best of the best bloggers in home cooking and entertaining. United they stand. Each with their unique take. Indivisible in their quest for the yummiest inspirations. Regular folks dishing out tips, tricks, pics and videos on how to keep the yum strumming in your life. One nation of original ideas to embolden home entertainers for inspired living.

Pretty awesome, right?  I even have my own page – click here to visit and see my first post.  Yup, I’m doing some shameless promotion, but don’t just check out my page – go check out the other YN Bloggers too!  If you’re also a food blogger, why not think about signing up and joining the YN family?  And no, they didn’t ask or sponsor me to promote YN here, but they’re awesome at promoting my blog through social media so I’m doing my part to get the word out there.

See you all on the Yummie side :)

fresh mint & lime ice cream


Summer has arrived with a fury.  It’s like it knows that its only allowed to come out and play for three short months, so it’s making the most of that small window of time.  After a particularly long and dreary winter, I can’t complain about the sudden onslaught of gorgeous sunshine and bright blue skies, but damn… my apartment is a sauna.  I promised myself this year that I wouldn’t complain about it because it’s truly a #firstworldproblem and things could be much, much worse.

To encourage those happy feels, I made a batch of Fresh Mint & Lime Ice Cream, inspired by David Lebovitz’s Mint Chip Ice Cream recipe.  I left his recipe largely intact; his ratio of milk to cream to sugar to egg yolks is my favourite combination and one that I use as the basis for all of my ice cream flavours.  I find it has the perfect balance of richness, creaminess, and sweetness for that ideal ice cream texture and mouth feel.


So why mint and lime?  Why not stick with the classic mint and chocolate?  I wanted to try something a little more refreshing to beat the summer heat.  When I was thinking about mint combinations, lime became a top contender.  Of course they pair well together – just think of Mojitos or Mint Juleps.  The herbaceous, woody quality of mint is balanced by the brightness of the lime.  Ooooh yes, it would work well indeed.


What would work really lovely in this would be key limes.  I didn’t have any luck finding them at my local grocery store, so I stuck with regular limes.  Either type would work, but it will take more key limes to get the amount of zest and juice noted in the recipe.  I found that the amount of zest and juice I put in was ideal, but it can always be adjusted to personal taste.

The resulting product is certainly unique.  At first, I was taken by the resulting beautiful pale green of the ice cream; no need for any artificial colouring here.  I admit that when I tried my first spoonful, I didn’t know what to make of it.  This is not your typical mint-flavoured ice cream.  This is much more floral, with the fresh mint flavour quite prominent with the first bite that finishes on the bright lime note.  Because I was unsure of it, I kept eating it.  The more I ate, the more I started to like it.  It’s like the flavour builds with each spoonful and gets better and better.  If you’re the adventurous type (or you really love the flavour of fresh, herbaceous mint), I recommend you give this a try.

I can see how this mint base would work really well with some dark or bittersweet chocolate chips, so if you’re into the classic rendition, stick with David’s original Mint Chip Ice Cream recipe.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with this; it’s cool, refreshing, and perfect for summer.

Fresh Mint & Lime Ice Cream

  • Servings: as many as your heart desires
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  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 cups packed fresh mint leaves
  • Pinch of salt
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 2 tbsp lime zest
  • 6 tbsp fresh lime juice

Heat the milk, sugar, 1 cup of heavy cream, mint, and salt in a medium saucepan until it starts to steam (do not let it boil).  Cover, remove from heat, and let sit for 1 hour at room temperature.

Pour the remaining 1 cup heavy cream into a large bowl or container and place a mesh strainer on top.  Set aside.  Reheat the mint milk mixture until steaming, being careful not to let it boil.  In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks.  Slowly pour tablespoonfuls of the warmed milk mixture into the egg yolks, whisking constantly.  Scrape the mixture back into the saucepan.

Place the saucepan over low heat and stir constantly with a rubber spatula, being sure to scrape the bottom of the pan as you stir, until the mixture thickens and coats the back of the spatula; it should only take a few minutes.  Make sure not to let the custard boil, otherwise it will curdle.

Pour the custard through the mesh strainer.  Press onto the mint to extract as much flavour as possible.  Discard the mint.  Place the bowl over an ice bath. Stir occasionally, until the mixture is cool. Cover and transfer the custard to the refrigerator until completely chilled, at least 8 hours or overnight.

Right before churning, gently whisk in the lime zest and lime juice.  Mix thoroughly.  Freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Enjoy often and enjoy liberally, because ice cream is awesome.